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Meet Jane

You got into business to have more freedom, to be successful and to make a difference. Many successful business owners go through a time of feeling overworked and overwhelmed. You may find yourself waking up at 3:00 am in a cold sweat saying to yourself, "Omg what am I going to do?" When it feels impossible to do things differently, I am the person entrepreneurs call. I am Jane Schnurr, owner of Awesome Coaching Enterprises. Since 2002, I have worked with hundreds of individuals, entrepreneurs, executives and teams feeling overwhelmed by change or stuck at a crossroads in their life and looking for new ways to live and work.


What Will You Get From Awesome Coaching?

Finding you more time

Well I cannot give you more but we can make better use of what you have. Improving productivity, delegating tasks, setting priorities, running effective meetings, polishing your leadership skills, building accountability, finding more time for the things you enjoy and many more nuggets.

Stress Management

Calming the Craziness, identify your stress triggers and key areas that stress you the most, create a plan to better manage and discover new tools just for you to skip the stress. EFT Emotional Freedom Technique otherwise known as tapping, the PQ Positive Intelligence App for Mental Fitness, breathing, writing, music and lots of laughter.

Communication Skills

Learning more about your strengths, values and unique way of doing things. How to give and receive feedback, saying no and when to say yes, asking powerful questions, gain better understanding of others, building the cohesive team, why culture is important. Build your confidence and keep being you.

Awesome Workshops

Offering a wide range of workshops for groups and needs of all kinds. Visit our workshops page to learn more.

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